"We believe in the power of young people and children" "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" "We work in a way that maximizes our collective efforts for the benefit of children and young people in Uganda" "Young people/child right means adult responsibility and we all bear that burden"

Reach Young People Uganda; is a family of independent individuals who work to gather to help children and young people i.e. youth, affected by Aids, human abuse, poverty and armed conflict. We work in a way that maximizes our collective efforts for the benefit of children and young people in Uganda and Africa at large. Reach Young people Work programs improve young people’s employability prospects by preparing them for quality jobs and helping others succeed as entrepreneurs. Only through decent employment opportunities can young people get the chance to work themselves out of poverty. Focusing on youth is a must for any country. In this case Reach young people Uganda dedicated its efforts in empowering young people.

A staggering 400,000 young people in Uganda are unable to find decent work. At the same time, employers cite lack of skills as a major impediment to hiring youth for those jobs that do exist. Working to fill this gap, Reach young people Uganda equips youth with life skills and technical knowhow, while connecting them to the mentors, internships, and job placement services they need to succeed in the job market.

We also help youth employ themselves and create new jobs by training them to be entrepreneurs and linking them to the capital needed to start new businesses. Using our proven program model as a guide, we collaborate with several national and global institutions across sectors to focus greater attention and resources on combating youth unemployment country wide.


To empower, develop, protect, motivate and support the youth to take position involvement in their personal and community Development.


We exist to create the conditions that will fulfill the protection, development and survival rights for children and young people who are living with H.I.V, affected by war. We believe in the power of young people and children and so will ensure they participate in the decisions which affect their lives so that their voices will be heard and their contributions made to count.

Volunteers and Internship Information

german.reachyoungpeople.org(German website)

Reach Young People Uganda provides several opportunities each year for teams and individual volunteers to serve in Uganda for two to three weeks. These trips are designed to provide opportunities for team members to pour out the love and a helping hand to the hurting people of Uganda 

Team members will be able to participate in various outreaches Reach Young People Uganda facilitates.  Orphan care and Youth Empowerment is one of the main focuses of Reach Young People Uganda. Teams will get to be a part of facilitating weekly programs and meals provided for the total orphans in neighboring villages’ .Reach Yong People Uganda provides food, education and much more for over 90 children. Team members will have the opportunity to meet and love on the sponsored children Reach Young People Uganda helps care for. Education is another passion Reach Young People Uganda has for this area. There will be opportunities to participate in programs hosted in the local schools. 

For teams interested in agriculture, building or technical skills training there will be an option to come alongside Reach Young People Uganda and partner with us as we begin farming and livestock, Computer training, Brick lying, tailoring, Adult English teaching projects for the youths. Whatever your passions and talents are, we want to facilitate a trip for you where you can use your gifts and also try out new outreaches. You will be able to see first-hand what good you can do for the people of Uganda.[Donate]. You can also visit our german website


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